29.04.07- Analog to Digital Age- Youth, Yoga and Spirituality- Anu talks at Kdham 85th Celebration Mumbai

22.04.07 – Times Health Wellness Fitness Beauty Expo

25.02.07–  Oral Presentation in 2nd International Conference on integrative Oncology, Nashik

30.11.16– Empower kids in Campion School LitFest

18.11.16– Youth Sports Meet, GlobalFoundation

30.10.16– ONGC Offshore Staff

19-22.11.16– IMM Balingen, near Stuttgart, Germany
Yoga For Cancer Presentation

​​​06.08.16– TEDx talk on Social Connectivity start with the founder of Yoga, Patanjali

1-3.06.16,– ICNM Barcelona Spain: Presentation Kids Karmic Healing, 

04.11.15– TEDx talk: My Miracle Story. anusual

04- 8th October 2015, Opportunity Collaboration, Ixtapa, Mexico:

Talk Anufunyoga for resolving poverty

5-8. 06.15– SYTAR Austin Texas: Presenter of Alternative Therapy 

Girl Football Team practise anufunyoga for core strength, mindfulness friendly playing before a match

In Chiplun MH with Dalai Lama Foundation 

Compassion- in- Action– ROCK THE TALK

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An apple falling from a tree can have a massive impact on a far distant star, and a butterfly flapping its wings can alter the weather– Vedas